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Banner Sign Fixings

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Sublimation printing of banner and flags.
Outdoor flags and banner signs.

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Fixing and putting up your vinyl canvas banner sign is easy with QuickSmart Signs.
We can guide you with all the fittings needed, specialty brackets or manufactured sign frames, aluminium tracks, poles or other items needed to hang up your banner.
How to put up a banner sign.

If you need a special bracket to hang up your roll up banner, street banner, light pole banner or sports event signage, let us know.  We can weld, fabricate, design and powder-coat or polish specialty sign systems used put up your banner signs.

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Festival banners, marching banner signs, vinyl flags and banners.

How to install an outside banner sign. Australia

  1. Allow suitable space between your fixing points and the edge of your banner sign.

  2. When using ropes, tie secure knots to hand tightness and stretch the banner to a reasonable tension.

  3. Allow for outside banner sign elements such as wind, rain, movement, and if the banner sign will 'swing' and/or up and down movement in strong winds.

  4. Modern Vinyl PVC banner signs do not require 'holes'. Our banner signage materials are triple layered and withstand Australian outdoor use. Avoid your banner sign being subjected to winds above 24 knots or flagging.

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