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News: New online Signs and signwriting shop. Australia wide sign making service with illuminated light box, magnetic signs, retractable banner stand display styles, DIY letters, A-Frame Sandwich boards and lots of outdoor banners for advertising your business cheap.

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How to use CorelDraw Tips and Tricks Page 7 Proofing your Work
SIGNS: Understanding ColourOutput to PDFHow to use CorelDraw
Glossary of CorelDraw Terms P1P2Photoshop Tips and Tricks
Scanning ImagesPrinting Big Images

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Output files
to PDF

Of Interest
Printing BIG images

How to use CorelDraw
Combine Objects
Break Apart
Duplicate Objects
Artistic Text
Right Click &
Double Click Tools

Tools your should Learn
Things to avoid

Select all objects
Tips for Moving objects exactly
Duplicating objects
Shifting your origin the smart way

Drawing in
WireFrame or Enhanced View

PRE-Flight Printing
Printing Settings
Perfect Circles
Rich Black Printing
General Tips Corel
Glossary of Terms

Page 1, Page 2

How to use Photoshop

Photoshop Tricks
EyeDropper Tool
Accidental Save
Paste images where you want
Ruler Settings

Jpegs as PSD
Sharpen edges
Measure Tool

Why color's don't match
Color numbers
Viewing Color

Size and Resolution
Print Resolution
File Sizes

Images or
Vector Graphics

The Magic Wand
Using Two Windows
The Grabber Tool
Get more Undo's
The Move Tool

Enlarging Images
Adding Noise

Dust & Scratches
Use Median Filter
TIP for Big images

Rename Layers
Cropping to size
Specific Sizing

Using a Scanner
Scanning Tips
How to resample
Scanning Images


Did you know that QuickSmart Signs can laser cut specialty materials for your outdoor and indoor signage. Our building sign makers can fabricate special sign designs for your building.
Everyday we make signs for Australia and and business signs for all over.

We make ordering signage easy.

Also, see our newer, faster, easier online price calculator.
Proofing your work
Proofing Problems when drawing for creative.
Corel Draw Tip: Always PRE FLIGHT
Proofing your work

Designs, drawings and files are best proofed before sending to any output. If you are sending files to QuickSmart Signs, an offset printer, or other 'output' type service company, you may consider the following additions to your proof.
  1. Add colour bar Chips to the leading edge of your page. This could be your company colour chips, Cyan Magenta Yellow (K) Black or paint colour chips.
  2. Add a file name where you can easily view you hard copy proof and retrieve the document or share between offices, departments etc.
  3. When making a proof for you files, keep to exact percentage scale reductions or enlargements. Eg. 1:10,  1:50
    By Keeping your scales set to common sense use, you will avoid mistakes at final production time.
  4. Write down the Summary of the job clearly in the title, include any special instructions
  5. WHEN SATISFIED, Convert all fonts to curves, convert rectangles and circles to curves. Double click the Tool Icon to select the entire page and convert to curves. 
    TIP: Using the TAB Key, tab through all objects to proof that images objects or other are indeed converted to curves.
  6. Ensure all layers, Object page order and text are filled, welded or trimmed correctly in Wireframe view.
  7. Additional Information such as Company Name, important Email addresses, phone numbers and more should be clearly marked on the page.
  8. TIP: When designing a drawing that will be sent to an outside company or even internal department, different division or other, it is also recommended to design your drawing suitable for Facsimile (Fax). The more cross system your designs and potential output are the better.
  9. When you are satisfied complete any management pre-issue or cross check your drawing with colleagues.

Proofing Problems

Common proofing problems may include issues such as overlapping text creating missing or miss-printed solid colours. Low resolution images may appear pixelated at size, if you are suspicious that your image quality is poor, try cutting and pasting a sample size at the correct output size. Poor colours may be the result of altering palettes when creating your document design or creative advertising and marketing designs. Problems sometimes occur when you are printing text to a non-PostScript printing device; for example, lower numbers of fountain steps can result in banding. You can specify the number of steps in the fountain fills in a print job. A higher value results in a smoother blend, but the printing time is longer. You can decrease printing time by specifying driver compatibility for non-PostScript printing devices.

CorelDraw TIP: Always Print via PRINT PREVIEW

Better to view the screen one more time.


Inside the print options of CorelDraw you can also Pre-flight your document for items such as PDF capability, page size, tile images over various page size and more.
Pre-flight checks the status of your file before you decide to output it. A summary of issues and potential problems, and suggestions for resolving them is provided. You can specify which issues Pre-flight checks for. You can also save Pre-flight settings. For more information about specific Pre-flight settings, see any of the following:

bullet To check for issues relating to printing a file, see "To view a summary of issues for a print job."
bullet To check for issues relating to publishing a PDF file, see "To view the Pre-flight summary for a PDF file."
bullet To check for issues relating to publishing to the Web, see "To set Web pre-flight options."
bullet To check for issues relating to exporting a SWF file, see "To view the issues summary for a Macromedia Flash file."
bullet To check for issues relating to exporting an SVG file, see "Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)."


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