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News: New online Signs and signwriting shop. Australia wide sign making service with illuminated light box, magnetic signs, retractable banner stand display styles, DIY letters, A-Frame Sandwich boards and lots of outdoor banners for advertising your business cheap.

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How to use CorelDraw Tips and Tricks Page 2
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Glossary of CorelDraw Terms P1P2Photoshop Tips and Tricks
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Of Interest
Printing BIG images

How to use CorelDraw
Combine Objects
Break Apart
Duplicate Objects
Artistic Text
Right Click &
Double Click Tools

Tools your should Learn
Things to avoid

Select all objects
Tips for Moving objects exactly
Duplicating objects
Shifting your origin the smart way

Drawing in
WireFrame or Enhanced View

PRE-Flight Printing
Printing Settings
Perfect Circles
Rich Black Printing
General Tips Corel
Glossary of Terms

Page 1, Page 2

How to use Photoshop

Photoshop Tricks
EyeDropper Tool
Accidental Save
Paste images where you want
Ruler Settings

Jpegs as PSD
Sharpen edges
Measure Tool

Why color's don't match
Color numbers
Viewing Color

Size and Resolution
Print Resolution
File Sizes

Images or
Vector Graphics

The Magic Wand
Using Two Windows
The Grabber Tool
Get more Undo's
The Move Tool

Enlarging Images
Adding Noise

Dust & Scratches
Use Median Filter
TIP for Big images

Rename Layers
Cropping to size
Specific Sizing

Using a Scanner
Scanning Tips
How to resample
Scanning Images


Roll Up Banner
We have lots of different transport accounts so delivery of your sign or banner is easy with QuickSmart Signs.
How to use Corel Draw
Select all objects on a CorelDraw Page
Tips for moving objects
Duplicating Objects in CorelDraw
Shifting your Origin in CorelDraw
Select ALL OBJECTS (including objects off the page that may be hidden)

If you want to select all the object on the page, just double click the arrow (Pointer tool) in the tool flyout. This include anything sitting on the desktop (the area around your page). With version 9 and above, you can also use the shortcut key [Ctrl] + [A].
Adjusting Tool Properties
If you want to change the properties of a particular tools, say the size or pen color, then right-click on the particular toolbar and select Properties from the menu that appears. You will get all the options for that particular toolbar and you can change the parameters as you like.
Changing your Nudge Values ( movement by measurement)
With an object selected, you can move or nudge it in increments by tapping the arrow keys. To adjust the distance that the object is moved when you tap the arrow keys, look for the Nudge Offset dialog box on the property bar and type in a value.
For more permanent adjustment, go to tools>Options>Edit and make the desired changes. Here you can adjust the Super Nudge value. To activate Super Nudge when you are using the arrow keys to move an object, hold the [Shift] key down as you tap the arrow keys. The object will then move according to the set increments.
Duplicating Objects
When clicking and dragging an object, just before you release the left mouse button, click the right mouse button and a duplicate will be created.
When you object is selected, press the + key on the numeric pad, this will duplicate the object on top of the original
Using the menu bar, set a specific value in millimetres x=25mm y=25, then when your object is selected, press Ctrl+D, a duplicate of your object will be created 25mm to the right, and 25mm to the bottom.
This method is ideal for creating specific distances between copied objects, and excellent for setting multi line plotter cuts.
Also, you can set - (minus) movements, then Ctrl-D.
Shifting the Origin of your 0,0 points
The best function CorelDraw is the ability to draw signs, graphics and objects at very large sizes accurately. We often manufacture signage above 10 metres high and 28 metres wide. CorelDraw can accurately output these dimensions. Illustrator creates dimension problems at these sizes and has a few size glitches from our use of the program.
Use CorelDraw Guidelines frequently, you set many levels, colours of guideline and much more, however, an important TIP is to:
To modify the location of the Ruler's origin, that is where the zero starts on the page, click and drag the Rulers Intersection Point (which is the horizontal and vertical rulers meet). Simply drag this icon to the position on the page where you want the zeros to be. To return to the default location, double-click on the Rulers Intersection Point icon.
TIP:  Set a horizontal and vertical guideline before changing your documents origin point ( known to us as 0,0 ). Then you can accurately calculate any x and y movements related to laser cutting, plotter vinyl cutting and general manufacturing procedures using computerised drawing.

If you double click on the rulers and/or title bar a dialog box will open. Use different coloured guidelines wisely, they are great assets.

Short cut to Fill and Outline

A quick way to bring up the Uniform Fill dialog box or the Outline Pen Dialog box, is to simply double click on the Uniform Fill or Outline Pen swatch, located at the bottom right of the Status Bar at the bottom of the program. Make sure you have an object selected for this to work.

TIP: To ensure your design can be fully scalable, replace all outlines with contour drawn lines. Then, it shall not matter what size your drawing becomes, visually, the 'keyline' is always the same proportion. Very handy in sign making.



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