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News: New online Signs and signwriting shop. Australia wide sign making service with illuminated light box, magnetic signs, retractable banner stand display styles, DIY letters, A-Frame Sandwich boards and lots of outdoor banners for advertising your business cheap.

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20 ways to proof read your documents.
SIGNS: Understanding ColourOutput to PDFHow to use CorelDraw
Glossary of CorelDraw Terms P1P2Photoshop Tips and Tricks
Scanning ImagesPrinting Big Images

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Output files
to PDF

Of Interest
Printing BIG images

How to use CorelDraw
Combine Objects
Break Apart
Duplicate Objects
Artistic Text
Right Click &
Double Click Tools

Tools your should Learn
Things to avoid

Select all objects
Tips for Moving objects exactly
Duplicating objects
Shifting your origin the smart way

Drawing in
WireFrame or Enhanced View

PRE-Flight Printing
Printing Settings
Perfect Circles
Rich Black Printing
General Tips Corel
Glossary of Terms

Page 1, Page 2

How to use Photoshop

Photoshop Tricks
EyeDropper Tool
Accidental Save
Paste images where you want
Ruler Settings

Jpegs as PSD
Sharpen edges
Measure Tool

Why color's don't match
Color numbers
Viewing Color

Size and Resolution
Print Resolution
File Sizes

Images or
Vector Graphics

The Magic Wand
Using Two Windows
The Grabber Tool
Get more Undo's
The Move Tool

Enlarging Images
Adding Noise

Dust & Scratches
Use Median Filter
TIP for Big images

Rename Layers
Cropping to size
Specific Sizing

Using a Scanner
Scanning Tips
How to resample
Scanning Images


Magnetic Signs
Magnetic signs are a great way to temporarily advertise your company or services without damaging the mounting surface. Because of our extensive customizing capabilities, we can digitally print, Silk-screen or Vinyl Letter your message, depending on your quality or needs.

We make ordering signage easy.

Also, see our newer, faster, easier online price calculator.
Using images in CorelDraw
20 ways to proof read your documents.
  For more tips and tutorials go to


• Unless you have a carefully calibrated monitor, go by numbers and colour swatches, not by how the job looks on the screen!
• Save your images as CMYK, not RGB. RGB images usually print with flat, lifeless colour.
• If the same image is used at different sizes in the one document, it should be cropped, resized and saved for each use. Cropping to a small part of a large image can slow down job processing substantially.
• Don't use PICT files, which are always RGB, and don't paste into picture boxes - import and place files.
• Always select 'Use Printer Defaults' (Page Setup > screen) when saving PhotoShop files. This will remove the possibility of individual images printing to a different screen ruling (usually more coarse!) than the rest of the document.


• Remove all unused spot/custom colours from your document, as well as from all placed files in the document (charts, illustrations etc.). In Illustrator, go to Custom Colours>Select all unused>Delete>Save>Update.
• It is particularly important in Illustrator that black lines are CMYK black and not spot black. If the are spot black, they will print on all four plates. This can be achieved universally in a document by selecting Filter>Colours>Adjust Colours> and selecting Custom and B&W colours to Process.
• Black text may print on all four plates of a CMYK separated job if text is cut and pasted from some software (such as MS Word or Excel or Publisher), or if Publish and Subscribe is used with Excel. If you have to work this way, please let us know so we can plan appropriate action to ensure the text prints only on the black sections of you printing.

Flightchecking Files • 20 Proofreading Tips:

- Use a red pen to proofread and mark errors.
- Read the document forward, checking for proper grammar.
- Read the document backward, checking for misspellings.
- Check and recheck dates, names, addresses and phone numbers.
- Check headlines and subheadings.
- Check spacing and margins.
- Check photos and illustrations, and for correct captions.
- Check quotes and documentation.
- Check abbreviations and contractions.
- Check for doubled words, such as to to.
- Check fonts, punctuation and fragments.
- Check subject/verb agreement.
- Check nouns and verbs, and avoid slang words, unless appropriate, jargon, and clichιs.
- Check for consistent verb tenses and voice.
- Check for paraphrasing.
- Read the document aloud. Ask someone else to read it aloud.
- Turn the document upside down to eliminate word distractions, then check it again.
- Note that spell check recognizes there, their and they're as the same.
- When in doubt, reference a dictionary or thesaurus.
- Take a break and then proofread it again.

New Inkjet materials are superb for Trade Shows.
Photos, artwork and text can be quickly composed into eye-catching, FULL-COLOR graphics aimed directly at the specific show's audience. See our range of vinyl lettering and banner sign colours and Roll up banner stands

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